Montag, 23. Juni 2008

First-Aid-Competition in the Netherlands

Last weekend our Youth-Red-Cross toke part at a First-Aid-Competition in Koewacht/NL (it´s in the Region behind Antwerpen - in province of the Netherlands which is called Zeeland). The young people competed in two categories (10-13 years old and 14-16) - the younger one wone the first price and the elder one the second price in their categories.
But before we fought this competion we took time to visit some cities which were on the route to Koewacht (about 1100km) - we had a walk through Würzburg in Germany (we stayed there for one night) and we also visited Brügge in Begium and Vlissingen, an old Porttown in the Netherlands. I hope that the children will enjoy this experience.
Some pictures you can see here

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